ChakraView - The Design Tech Fest

The university celebrated its first Design and Tech fest - ChakraView on 8th and 9th of November 2019. The fest forms a part of the major annual events of the university and started with a fervour like never seen before. The fest celebrates the collaboration and interdependence of Design and Technology, and revolved around the theme ‘Classical Technology Re-designed in a Modern Way.’ The 2-day fest was power-packed with activities that promoted the intermingling of Design and Technology. Many activities like 12-hour Hackathons to Designing games with Python to Photography, and workshop on Design Modelling, etc were organized and emanated the spirit of Designeering through all its happenings.

Day 1

The Opening Ceremony

The fest was initiated with a fusion dance performance on Kathak and Hip Hop which kick-started the fest and elated the spirits of the whole gathering. The Technical Event Secretary, Kriti Sinha threw light on the theme of the fest which was followed by the opening speech by the Coordinator of Student Affairs, Sanyukta Kashalkar Karve wherein she talked about the whole idea behind ChakraView and how it was conceived. Finally, the fest was officially inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Prasheel Suryawanshi, who savoured every moment to applaud such student-led initiatives and motivated students to explore the Designeers within them.

The Best Picture Challenge

The fest infested a different flavour in all parts of the campus and liberated everyone to explore their true passion. The Photography Competition gave a platform to all such students who carried an inclination towards photography. All types of students, be it the amateurs, or the professionals, took their best shots. Foundation year B.Des student; Chaitanya Shamanewadikar and Third Year Industrial Design students; Palash Bakre won the competition and earned the certificate of appreciation.

Fun with Python

Fun with python was an interactive event designed to expose the students to live coding problems and build skills in Python. The workshop extended knowledge resources to the students by introducing them to the basic python syntax and then gave them access to CodingBat — an online destination to practice coding through a number of coding exercises. The workshop enabled students to design a game using Python, and the ones that won the first prize through their fast-learning and execution skills were Third Year B.Tech CSE student Madhur Chhajed, and Foundation Year B.Tech student Jaitish Sahni.

Design Modelling Competition

The Design Modelling competition required the future engineers and designers to design and develop a Laptop Stand using the Laser Cutting Machine. The learners explored material as per the problem statement and made a mock-up design of a laptop stand to present to the jury. The winner of this competition was the Third Year B.Des student, Hemant Kokate, who made the most ergonomically-fit laptop stand.

12-Hour Design-Tech Hackathon

The 12-hour Hackathon was yet another highlight of the Design Tech Fest because it required the Design and Engineering students to collaborate, brainstorm, and create a solution that would support farmers and boost their experience on the field. The students researched, identified problem-statements, brainstormed to get feasible, viable, and desirable solutions. The engineering students Samit Mukherjee, Mansi Bandal, and Aditya Upadhyay, along with design student Himanka Kalita won the Hackathon with their innovative solution.

Day 2

The Gaming Spree

The Gaming Spree assembled all the gamers on the campus for a friendly gaming battle in PUBG, PUBG Lite, and Counter Strike Go. The university computer center turned into a battleground with all students showcasing their gaming skills and enjoying the union. The winner of the friendly competition was Team Mist with design students Jaitish Sahni and Jash Amipara, and engineering students Jayant Choudhary and Utkarsh Agrawal as the members.

Redesigning a Classical Game or Character

The second day of the Design Tech Fest was fun-filled with brainstorming and splashing creativity for the redesigning competition gave students a chance to re-do a classical game or character. The students were divided into groups and were required to present a ‘Their-version’ of any classical game or character of their choice. After a lot of brainstorming, dialogue, sketches, and digital rendering, the students presented their spiking ideas to the jury. The student group consisting of the design students Kaustubh Barhate, Ishan Nakate, Prasad Choudhary, and Bhargavee Soman won the Character ReDesign Competition. The student group consisting of the design students Baladithya Madhusoodan, Ullas Bhat, Saloni Virkar and engineering student Aditya Oswal won the Game Redesign Competition.

Robo Cart Race

The Robo Cart Race had a different swing to it altogether. The adventure was more than just passing obstacles and reaching the finishing line. The learners had to prototype their own Robocars with predescribed modulations and race them through the rugged track. This turned the Design Tech Fest into a gaming arena with real-time robo cart racing. The winners of the race were Foundation Year design students namely Aditya Salunkhe Patil and Utkarsh Barapatre.

Faculty Quiz

The faculty quiz was a little something different from general quizzes. The quiz master was the Dean of School of Design, Sukanta Kundu, who moderated the event and asked some really interesting and non-academic questions from everyone. The event proved to be a stress buster, and the team that got most of the answers correct and earned a certificate of appreciation constituted of Resham Chavan, Rushikesh Pawar, and Rajat Akre.

The Masquerade

The closing ceremony of the first Design Tech Fest of the university was filled with jubilation and excitement for what was yet to come. The Avantika family gathered together to celebrate the successful execution of the fest and cheer the Students Council and the Coordinating Team for their success. The gathering broke into merry-making wherein the students presented Dance, Music and Band performances post which the floor was opened for the grand masquerade. The fest celebrated the spirit of Design and Technology and gave a platform for the students of both the domains to come together and celebrate the potential of Designeering.