General Rules and Information

When you register to become a student of Avantika University, it is implicit that you agree and accept the University’s standards of academic and social integrity.

Standards of Academic and Social Integrity at Avantika

We, the learners at Avantika will always aim to nurture and cultivate our minds to become enlightened citizens.

We will always try to bring positive changes in our behavior.

We will always value intellectual and personal honesty.

We will not tolerate harassment in our campus.

We will represent ourselves accurately and completely in our work, our words, and our actions in academic and non-academic affairs.

We will be open to change, support novelty, and be ready to take risks for the benefit of the community.

Restricted and Prohibited Conduct at Avantika

Cheating in academics by making use of unauthorized study aids in class or on an examination and committing acts of plagiarism, i.e. submitting material that in part or whole is not entirely one’s own work without attributing those portions to their correct source.

Any unlawful alterations in academic assignments, records and documents or forging signatures of authorization or falsifying information on official academic documents, viewing or altering computer records, or modifying computer programs or systems.

Consumption or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking and possession of dangerous weapons on campus.

Disruption of teaching, learning, administration, research, hearing procedures, or any other activities of the University.

Damaging University property, stealing, destroying, defacing, or concealing library materials/academic tools with the intention of depriving other students from using them.

Providing deliberate assistance/abetment in any prohibitory behavior as stated above will also result in punitive action.

Anti Ragging Policy

Ragging is banned at Avantika University. Any direct or indirect involvement of any student in such activities is strictly prohibited within or outside the campus.

Ragging involves causing physical and/or mental trauma to a person as a result of physical abuse, manhandling, using abusive language or gestures or forcing others to perform acts that may cause physical/mental trauma or damage.

Ragging is a social, cultural, and psychological menace.

Students are urged to keep up the glorious tradition of MIT Group of Institutions, and thereby Avantika University, and not indulge in any activity that may be construed as or amounts to ragging.

Students indulging in such activity are liable to legal action as per the directive from the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

All students are directed to bring the duly signed and stamped anti-ragging affidavits for enrollment. The formats of affidavits can be found here

Mess Rules and Information

Avantika campus is purely vegetarian.

Mess timing for serving meals will be fixed, and students shall follow the prescribed timings.

Same food will be served to everyone and no special requests will be entertained. However, special meals can be provided to students who are unwell or feel ill, as per the recommendation of the medical officer.

Students shall finish the meals inside the mess and will not be allowed to carry it to their rooms or outside. However, students who are ill will be allowed to eat their meals in their rooms with the prior permission of the Warden.

On prior permission, relatives or family members visiting the campus will be allowed to use the mess on payment of charges.