Life @ Campus - Avantika Seminar Series

Viljami Lyytikäinen | Skills of 21st Century and Educating Future Designers | 27th Sept’18

Avantika University works ceaselessly to upgrade the faculty members to make the academics more impactful and meaningful for the young learners. On 27th September 2018, we hosted Mr. Viljami Lyytikäinen from Design Factory Global Network, Aalto University Finland for the Avantika Seminar Series. Viljami, a graduate of Aalto University, works for it’s DFGN, a network of 24 innovation platforms in universities and research organizations situated in five continents of the world, developing the network and its activities. Design Factory Global Network is on a mission to create change in the world of learning and research through passion-based culture and effective problem solving. His session encompassed all the highlights that make Aalto University one of the best universities of the world in design fraternity. He talked at length about the skills that are required to be inculcated in the future Designers and what elements can bring joy in the learning process and make it more impactful. He emphasized much on the essence of collaborative work and interdisciplinary curriculum and how innovation happens only when one works on the boundaries of interdisciplinary fields.

T.N. Hari | Making Success a Unique Education Model and Training the Talent for Tomorrow | 22nd Sept’18

Avantika Seminar Series is a concatenation of events where experts from different industry, academia and research interact with the faculty and staff on varied topics. On 22nd September 2018, Avantika University was graced by the presence of Mr. T.N. Hari, the Head of HR at BigBasket. An alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta, he is an author, mentor and a strategic advisor to multiple companies with more than 30 years of experience in diverse management roles. Mr. Hari carried out a session on ‘Making a unique model become successful and training the talent for tomorrow’. The synergistic session encompassed the most basic of things that build a healthy culture in any organization. Giving an over-view about the demands of the industry, he talked about skills that should be inculcated in the budding professionals and how the learning process can become more effective and impactful. He stressed on reciprocal learning and how indigenous progressive growth will help the mentors make the best out of the model which is trying to break all academic boundaries and giving them the freedom to re-invent in education system to train the talent for tomorrow.