Foundation Day Program

The university celebrated its first Foundation Day Program on 11th September 2019. The day which marks the start of the first batch of the university back in 2017 was celebrated with great jubilance. The program started with a tree plantation ceremony and had in store 18 different workshops, cultural program, formal program, the inauguration of the international exhibition of Prof. Kohei Sugiura, and the start of a lecture series on Indian Thoughts and Tradition by Prof. Kirti Trivedi. The program was power-packed with activities happening throughout the day and concluded with a formal program that felicitated the university toppers and officiated the formation of the university’s student council, followed by a cultural program.

Vriksharopan Ceremony

The Vriksharopan Ceremony marked the start of the first Foundation Day Program of the university. The leadership team along with the whole Avantika family planted trees to give an auspicious start to the day and announced the plantation of trees every year on this day in addition to the university’s regular tree plantation initiatives.

Cultural Program - 1

The cultural program started with a melodious Saraswati Vandana which was followed by a musical performance on Mangal Bandish sung and orchestrated by the university students. The cultural program was followed by the felicitation of the blue collar employees of the university by the student council members

Launch of Lecture Series on Indian Thoughts and Tradition

The Foundation Day Program marked the start of the lecture series on ‘Indian Thoughts and Traditions’ by the design maestro and veteran, Prof. Kirti Trivedi. Prof. Kirti inaugurated the launch of the lecture series and talked about the importance and value that lays hidden in the Indian culture and how it can be revived and celebrated in various aspects of design.

Inauguration of International Exhibition showcasing the works of Prof. Kohei Sugiura

The university inaugurated the International exhibition showcasing the works of Prof. Kohei Sugiura. Prof. Kohie Suguira is a revolutionary Graphic Designer and Professor Emeritus at Kobe Design University, Japan. His works are focussed on book design, typography, and information design. The exhibition showcases the inexhaustible wealth of his design work which has led a whole generation of leading designers all over asia. The exhibition acts as a center of motivation for the young design aspirants to benchmark excellence and sheer brilliance in their design work.

Donation to Sewadham Ashram

With the mission to make the first Foundation Day of the university a memorable one and contribute to the society as an educational setup, the university organized a visit to Sewadham Ashram in Ujjain. All the employees of the university donated things of daily need for the residents of the ashram and contributed to make their lives a bit less cumbersome.


Portrait Painting - Dr. R.C. Bhawsar

The expert for the portrait workshop was Dr. R.C. Bhawsar who is a renowned artist in the field of Arts and a recipient of the Shikhar Samman for visual and fine arts by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Dr. R.C. Bhawsar conducted an elaborate workshop on portrait painting wherein he showcased the master techniques and impressed the students with his dexterity and deep knowledge in the area.

Molding and Casting PoP - Amrita Tare

Amrita Tare is a renowned artist and a pass out of the Govt. Fine Arts College in Indore. In her workshop, she taught the students all the aspects of molding and casting on PoP. The students hands on practiced as she mentored them through the process and explained hand techniques that make casting on PoP a flawless experience.

Thangka Art - Sushma Shukla

The workshop on Thangka Art was conducted by Sushma Shukla - a Fashion Designer, Artist, Sculptor, and Stylist. An independent fashion designer and academician, she is a gold medalist in her forte and a certified expert in the famous thangka art of Himanchal Pradesh. In her workshop, she talked about the evolution and importance of this art form in the Indian heritage and threw light on its hands on application. The students designed clothes using the thangka art which will act as a great addition to their portfolios.

Leno Printing - Varsha Kukreja

The workshop on Leno Printing was executed by Varsha Kukreja; an MA in Fine Arts from Govt. Fine Arts College in Indore. She is credited for her expertise in Leno Printing and conducted a wholesome workshop for students to thoroughly understand the art form and traditional printing technique.

Bamboo – Sumit Meena

The workshop on Bamboo was conducted by Sumit Meena - A graphic designer by education and an industrial designer by training. Trained under the jewellery design maestro - Dr. Parag K. Vyas, he passed on the same pearls of knowledge to the students in his workshop. Using bamboo, he threw light on the various ways it can be used and the techniques to carve out a flawless and useful product.

Tie and Dye – Pushmitra Joshi

The workshop on tie and dye was conducted by the Founder of “EcoFab – Eco clothing for healthy living.” Dr. Pushmitra Joshi is a marketing professional who found and explored his passion in block printing and handloom. His work with block printing and handloom involves a rare combination of tradition and innovation in terms of using natural dyes and threads. In his workshop, he illustrated his self innovated new block printing technique known as Puru Print. He talked about the process and essence of using natural and organic dye on clothes and taught the students the art of making the Puru Print.

Metal Art and Wire Sculpture - Wajid Khan

Wajid Khan is an Indian artist, portraitist, sculptor, inventor and patent holder. He specializes in art forms like Shadow art, metal art, stone art, kinetic art, and nail art. His talent and passion has penned his name in the Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of Records, and Asia Book of Records. In the workshop, he threw light on the various techniques of making a nail art and talked about the intellectual process of coming about a good design and implementing it.

Mural Design - Narayan Patidar

The workshop on Mural Design was conducted by Narayan Patidar; an expert mural artist from Indore. In his workshop, he taught students the hands on techniques of making a mural art and shared his experience of brainstorming ideas and designs as per client’s needs.

Clay Modeling - Prem Kushwaha

The expert for the clay modelling workshop was Prem Kushwaha from Indore. A pass out of the Government Fine Arts College, Indore; he is a well-known clay modelling artist. In his workshop, he started from the basics of making clay and threw light on the hand techniques to give it different shapes and sizes.

Wood - Ved Prakash Yadav

The wood workshop was spearheaded by the acclaimed and highly experienced craftsman , Ved Prakash Yadav. In his workshop, he covered all aspects of furniture design and wood carving. By introducing students to the elements and techniques of wood carving, he mentored the students to carve their own masterpieces and understand the craft.

Folk and Traditional Art - Akash Birthare

The workshop on Folk Art was conducted by Akash Birthare from Indore. The expert briefed the students about the Indian traditional and folk art and how it is a voice of expression. The experts then introduced some new techniques and mentored students to understand and use them hands on.

C-4X – Mukund Jethva

The workshop on C-4X was conducted by an inhouse faculty; Mukund Jethva. The workshop covered all aspects of carving PoP and making brilliant masterpieces out of them.

Gaming – Amrbish Polekar

The gaming workshop was spearheaded by an inhouse faculty; Ambrish Polekar. The workshop gave way to a showdown; with students and faculty playing games and enjoying their time whilst understanding the design behind such games.

3D Printing - Varun Tiwari

The 3D Modelling workshop was spearheaded by an inhouse faculty; Varun Tiwari. The workshop started with orienting the learners towards Design Modelling, followed with making prototype using 3D Printing. The learners learned the finer nuances of the 3D Modelling and Printing process. The outcome of the workshop were prototypes like Hinges, Spoon, etc.

Fashion Design - Amar Mithapalli

The workshop on Fashion design was spearheaded by an inhouse faculty; Amar Mithapalli. An avid designer, he introduced students to the latest trends dominating the fashion industry and guided them through a workshop on giving life to such designs.

Macrame – Chioranjib Narzary

The workshop on Macrame was spearheaded by an inhouse faculty; Chiranjib Narzary. The workshop introduced students to the uses of Macrame and threw light on techniques of using it to make different products.

Wall Painting – Pallavi Nath

The workshop on Wall Painting was spearheaded by an inhouse faculty; Pallavi Nath. The students understood the process of painting walls, and then got their hands dirty by beautifying the campus under the mentorship of their faculty.

Poster Making Competition

The workshop on Wall Painting was spearheaded by an inhouse faculty; Pallavi Nath. The students understood the process of painting walls, and then got their hands dirty by beautifying the campus under the mentorship of their faculty.

Formal Program

The formal program started with the World Peace Prayer and welcomed university leadership members and guests of honor to officially start the formal gathering. The program was graced by the Chancellor; Dr. Sanjay Dhande, Pro Chancellor; Prof. Dhimant Panchal, Vice Chancellor; Dr. Prasheel Suryawanshi, Guests of Honor; Dr. P.B. Joshi, Dr. Rajiv Mishra, and Dr. S.S. Mantha, and the Registrar; Dr. Manesh Patil. The formal program witnessed quite a few remarkable activities like the formulation of the student council and their badging ceremony. The General Secretary of the council, Mayank Soni, addressed the gathering and share his vision and mission to regulate a more engaging culture at the campus. The address was followed by felicitation of the program toppers, NASSCOM Design4India Awardees, and YUJ UXplorer awardees. The Vice Chancellor then presented the annual report of the university which was then followed by the inauguration of the Avantika University Design Center and Center for Cyber Physical Systems. The program concluded with the motivational words of the guests of honor and was followed by the cultural program.

Cultural Program - 2

The cultural Program was night full of music, dance, and merry-making. The students ravished the stage with singing, orchestra and dancing performances to bring an altogether a different feel to the whole program. The stage was then taken over by the guest artists, Dr. Rohini Parnaik; an acclaimed Indian Classical Singer and her team. The melodious performance started with bandish “Jai Sumirat Sidhi Hoe” and continued with soothing Sufi melodies.

The Tidbits

The Foundation Day Program was a blend of diverse activities. From 18 different simultaneous workshops to competitions to cultural programs; the day was jam packed with activities of all genre. The students painted umbrellas and ingrained a beautiful installation in the campus lobby. Other highlights of the day were the balloon releasing ceremony, Wall of Expressions, and the book exhibition, etc.