With Avantika University, each and every applicant is required to submit a Statement of Purpose. It is your opportunity to help reviewers assess better your understanding of Avantika's academic objectives to determine whether you fit the criteria for the program you are applying.

What is Statement of Purpose (SoP)?
The SoP is one of the most important components of your application process. The SoP will allow the admissions committee to get acquainted with you, your desire to study at Avantika University, and future plans to utilize your learning. The SoP should also include your reasons for undertaking the choice of your program at Avantika University. It should include an explanation of your academic interests, including their relation to your goals for undergraduate/postgraduate study.

How to write the SoP?
A Statement of Purpose requires a deeper thought, a deep investment of time, and careful consideration. You need to put your best foot forward. It should be drafted with the orientation to convince, assure, and update the faculty members from the selection committee about your substantial achievements that demonstrate your success to take on the programs at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Your statement should comprise certain elements for better consideration as listed here:

Length and Format:
It should include your full name and the proposed field of study at the top of each page.

  1. Word Count: 500 words
  2. Format:
    • Spacing: Single line spacing
    • Margins: One-inch Margins
    • Font size: Arial font size 10 for ease of reading (preferred)

Things to Avoid When Writing a Statement of Purpose:

Essential Tips: