Avantika Design Thinking Workshop
Avantika Design Thinking Workshop Avantika Design Thinking Workshop
Avantika Design Thinking Workshop Avantika Design Thinking Workshop Avantika Design Thinking Workshop Avantika Design Thinking Workshop Avantika Design Thinking Workshop Avantika Design Thinking Workshop Avantika Design Thinking Workshop

Avantika Design Thinking Workshop Avantika Design Thinking Workshop Avantika Design Thinking Workshop         Design Thinking
Avantika Design Thinking Workshop Avantika Design Thinking Workshop

Design thinking is an approach that has the capability to give a new outlook to companies to solve problems and help them innovate. Design thinking helps structure team interactions to cultivate greater inclusiveness, foster creativity, deepen empathy, and align people around specific goals and results.

Design Thinking is nothing without design doing.        

Business today is about emotions, wants and wishes. To meet these new demands, we need tools that are human centric, culture and social, and which keep innovation at the cord. One way to address these needs is by applying Design Thinking.



By combining business methods with Design Thinking, organizations can establish a more sensitive and comprehensive approach towards handling problems and creating value in their products/services.

“Great design is the foundation of great business.” -M. Cobants

Personal and
professional benefits.


     Focus is to make Participants:

  • Action oriented
  • Comfortable to face Ambiguity
  • Apply a Human Centered Approach
  • Have an Integrated Foresight
  • Be a part of the dynamic constructive process
  • Take their enterprise to another level
  • Be empathic and find new ways to co-create with other employees
  • Take calculated risks by evaluating ideas and iterating solutions

Leaders who are willing to expand their horizon in terms of problem solving and are in a capacity to incorporate this in their firms, within their team and use it themselves. These workshops are ideal for people who are in the Decision Making role, be it Senior Managers, Team Leaders, Founders, Co-Founders, CXOs, Project Managers and the list is endless. Anyone who can go back and impart the learnings from the session to their organization in order to collectively bring about a holistic attitude while approaching a problem is an ideal participant for these workshops.

          Who is it for?

Design thinking is the search for a magical balance between business and art


       ADTW is a 2 day long workshop

Hyatt Place, Gurgaon: 13th April - 14th April, 2017

Taj Vivanta, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore: 27th April - 28th April, 2017

Next Workshop: TBA

The workshops aim to break away from the conventional formats of Design workshops. We intend to create meaningful experiences through spaces and zones that represent various concepts of Design Thinking. These concepts can assist the participants to successfully inculcate the Spirit of Design in their workplaces.

The participants will be exposed to the following design tools and techniques throughout the 2 days of the workshop.


User Research through interviews

Tips on how to observe your audience and build a connection and empathize to understand them better. This zone is an introduction to explore the potential of design research methodologies.

In-depth study of the context and environment

Understanding the environment and context that surrounds the user is a crucial part of any intervention. This also helps in understanding the purpose and the reason why a product is created the way it is.

Research Synthesis and Analysis

This helps in breaking down of research and building insights to develop a strategy that can transform businesses.


It is a tool that helps teams explain a product, service or experience to demonstrate its value. It also helps in empathizing and making sense of complex scenarios.

User journey mapping

This is a method for identifying touch points in the process of a customer’s interaction with a product or a service. It helps organizations build a clear picture about where user is coming from and what are they trying to achieve.

Need finding

How to formulate a genuine need that can be an opportunity for businesses to create a USP and out-compete competition.

Brainstorming and Idea Generation

It’s a most valued tool for the path of innovation. This helps in coming up with something new and original by boosting imagination and curiosity.

Prototyping, Testing and Validating

This is a tool to create fast test models to get user feedback by using simple material and building fast solutions.

Co-creation and Collaboration

Good ideas can be sparked by interacting and collaborating with new and diverse people coming from different walks of life. This encourages the culture of co-creation within an organization.

Learning through failures

Failure is the greatest teacher. Testing - Validation - Failing - Learning from the failures and Rebuilding is a continuous process.

Embracing ambiguity

The strong ‘need’ to clarify and understand an ambiguous situation opens new doors for exploration. This power of ‘Not Knowing’ leads to creative search.

Creating new values

Creating values is important because experiences are meaningful to people. Experiences are not just functional, but also social, cultural and personal.

  1. User Research through interviews
  2. In-depth study of the context and environment
  3. Research Synthesis and Analysis
  4. Storytelling
  5. User journey mapping
  6. Need finding
  7. Brainstorming and Idea Generation
  8. Prototyping, Testing and Validating
  9. Co-creation and Collaboration
  10. Learning through failures
  11. Embracing ambiguity
  12. Creating new values

Participants will learn about new tools to establish more sensitive, human centric, social
and culture oriented methods of creating additional values to their company's outlook/ deliverables.

avantika design thinking workshop


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