Academic Model

Avantika collaborates and innovates with local and global industry partners, other academic institutions, organizations, and with domain experts from fields of design, technology, business, society, culture, and arts to create a unique educational experience. The leading milestones of the undergraduate program are Foundation, Discipline Core, Specialization Track, and Integrated Experience.


The Foundation program is common to all the specializations. This unique program is designed to provide learners with analytical, social, creative, and individual development. The learners develop skills to observe, analyze, critically think, reflect, work with hands, ideate, create, communicate, engage with their physical and emotional self, and find a purpose to their learning.

Discipline Core

The Discipline Core is unique for every specialization. The program develops fundamental and cognitive skills needed for the discipline and further specialization. The learners develop physical and digital skills to ideate, reflect, create, and test, leading to decipher and decide the tracks of specializations.

Specialization Track

The Track enables specialization in the discipline with an option of cross-disciplinary interface. Each discipline consists of specialization tracks which are based on a context and a tangible/ experiential output that can be achieved. The choice of Electives will enable the learner to chart his own path and thereby design his own specialization. Based on their learning and interest, the students will design and execute projects by translating the research and insights to create meaningful outcomes. The tracks are created to encourage collaboration and problem solving across disciplines.

Integrated Experience

The Integrated Experience envisages seamless culmination of the concepts in Foundation, Discipline Core, and Specialization Tracks. The Industry Internship is an integral component of this experience, which will enable the learner to practice the learnings. The exposure to Entrepreneurship along with the freedom to pursue Electives shall help in broadening the perspective and aid in the overall development and growth as a professional. The program is common for all disciplines and will culminate in a cross disciplinary, immersive, Capstone Project based on a real-life problem pursued either in industry or university.