Why is Industrial Design considered as a Backbone of Manufacturing Industry?

India is a growing service market across a variety of different disciplines is it software, tourism, hospitality, or any other. However, when it comes to the manufacturing sector, the country is lagging behind from most of the developed and developing nations. The reason behind this is the shortage of good industrial designer for a vast majority of manufacturing firms. Therefore, it presents with an awesome opportunity for the students to establish their career in an evergreen industry of future.

The visionary project of Government of India titled - 'Make in India'intends to provide the much-required push for the manufacturing sector amongst various other verticals. An area which requires raw talent to design a robust core for the future of manufacturing industry to eliminate the existing loopholes by providing the necessary plug-ins.

Industrial Design considered as the backbone of the manufacturing sector, is a specialization that is applied to educate the techniques for developing products that are targeted for mass production. From an education standpoint, there are quite a few institutions that offer this design specialization in greater detail.

Avantika University, An MIT Pune initiative in Ujjain is a front runner for imparting learning with a world class infrastructure and future education synergy. The University offers a focused four-year undergraduate residential program in Industrial Design. Avantika way of learning enables a different perspective to design process across multiple lenses: as human-centered activity, as cultural and societal activity, and as an experimental and innovation process, where design holds hands with technology and entrepreneurship to create new concepts, new products, new interactive spaces, new services, new experiences, new communication channels, new systems, new ways of growing and creating businesses and new ways to look at Future.