UG Program in Engineering: A Full-Time Program that focuses on Developing Technical Leaders of Future

Highly sophisticated engineering tools and assets have always been the key to enjoying a stress-free life. Be it our daily chores, or doing something new, the presence of engineering tools are sure to get your task done the right way, and with less effort. Though these complex tools make the task simpler, but creating them still requires a considerable knowledge of engineering field. It does not matter whether it is an electronic equipment or related to construction, or a mechanical components like cars, etc., one has to thoroughly understand the specifics of engineering to be able to develop the required equipment and tools with precision.

There are thousands of engineering institutions from across the globe that provide courses in engineering across a variety of specifications, like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering, electronics and communication engineering, and many others. However, when it comes to selecting the most trustworthy and reliable educational institution, look no further than Avantika University. Industry professionals and academicians highly regard the engineering program from this renowned institution. With a unique approach the students are prepared with a design thinking approach that includes critical thinking, education and philosophy, and mathematical world. The full-time and full residential engineering program is focused on developing technical leaders of future, who can bring about positive cultural, social, economic, and technological changes in the society.

An MIT Pune Campus at Ujjain, Avantika University provides a four-year engineering program in varied specialisations that encourages participants to become talented creators and astute thinkers. The academic structure of their Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) program is a perfect blend of technology and design, and aimed at creating resources that can build a stable and prosperous society of tomorrow. The learnings for these programs are rendered by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professors, who have a great experience working in the education industry, and have helped many individuals polish their engineering skills. In addition to engineering programs, Avantika University also provides UG and PG courses in design, and economics and finance.