The Key Role of Design Thinking To Boost Innovation

In recent years, design thinking as a concept has become the vital tool in fuelling business innovation across the world. Today, it enables the creation of simple solutions that add value to our lives by improvising the quality of services. Thereby, almost every organization is always on the lookout for employees with creative thinking skills who can help flourish their business. In fact, various business studies from the recent times indicate that solutions derived from a design-thinking led approach are far more practical and cost-effective than the traditional ones.

Hence the demand for individuals with acute creative thinking skills has increased by leaps and bounds in today's highly competition business environment. The focus has now shifted to getting onboard professionals who have a creative and innovative approach to create cost-effective solutions. There is no refute; creative thinkers will lead the future by innovating new thing for the welfare of society as well as businesses.However, design thinking is an approach above anything else, and it can be considered as a mechanism that helps improve an individual's approach to life.

Sadly, not many educational centers of today promote creativity as a way of thinking in their classrooms. They are solely focused on how well the students can memorize classroom based theory to get better grades to sift through the academic curriculum.

An MIT Pune campus at Ujjain, Avantika University, is amongst the most reputable universities from India that offer world class education in the spirit of creativity and innovation. Here, the performance of a student will be assessed beyond the marks obtained in the examination, as the learning approach will incorporate 3-phases of pre-class, in-class and post-class activities. Avantika's academic programs will have a mandatory component of internship and projects. Anyone who wishes to be a part of this prestigious institution can contact them for their needs.