The Importance of Design Thinking in Education

For being successful in today's highly competitive world, one requires to develop a different and somewhat unique set of skills. There are no specific set of rules about how to develop these skills or how many tests one needs to clear to prove their creativity. Some people are born creative, states a famous saying, but interestingly everyone has the seed of creativity in them. And essentially it is their education which really decides their creative inclination.

Creative people work in two ways either as finder or as a creator. Finders are driven to find one of the most practical solutions for complex problems that can hinder the growth of a business or cause any social unrest, while creators are equally creative but they are driven to new constructions. Today, design thinkers are getting increased attention in business settings. It is because of their creative as well as cost-effective approach to create solutions for problems.

In the modern era, Design Thinking has emerged as an important skill that can bring greater success for individuals. A famous professional trait it has the ability to develop effective solutions that meet social and business needs. Hence design thinking as a learning skill must be inculcated in our education system.

An MIT Pune campus at Ujjain, Avantika University is India's first design centered university to focus on design thinking. Their academic structure is crafted to synthesize design with technology on a solid foundation of liberal education. They are committed to promote much-needed excellence push towards development of a creative as well as innovative society. Those who want to be a part of this unique academic curriculum can now contact them by filling out a simple form available on their official portal, AvantikaUniversity.edu.in.