Is Indian Education System Ready to Counter the Disruption around the world?

A revised curriculum in the Indian education system is quite essential to cope-up with the disruptive economic and industrial situations of the world. We live in an era of a technological revolution where we need to raise the global standards of education is quite essential. Indian educationists must take sustainable steps to imbibe core ethics that help provide advancement in education methodology. MIT Pune's Avantika University is a front-runner in this space, located in ancient education hub of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

The Indian education system must implement learnings from ancient principles as the strong foundation for country's future growth. MIT Pune's Avantika University has designed a unique approach to tackling the present challenges in their way and hopefully it will contribute to developing a new education system.

An MIT Pune Campus at Ujjain, Avantika University, will provide the best-in-class professional education by absorbing core Indian values. The University model has received world-class acclaim for their curriculum and education methodology. MIT, Pune has an active collaboration with the industry meastros like Mahindra, Cognizant, Infosys, JPMorgan, L&T, and many others, to provide the best of industrial training and placement to their students. Students who are looking for the UG and PG courses can enroll themselves in this institution to have a bright future.