Electronics and Communication Engineering: A Four Year Program Designed on the Philosophy of Liberal Education Principles

Be it the advent of computers, or sophisticated equipment; Engineering has always been a key to the development of newer technologies over the years. With the evolved times, we are witnessesing newer and finer branches of Engineering being announced that will help and support the learners of today with the focused understanding and better decipher the concepts which can be applied in real life.

Among the various engineering streams, electronics and communication engineering has always seen an upsurge since almost every technical development is supplemented by complex electronics and electrical systems even today. As a result, the individuals are focusing their interest in making career in the electronics industry for a profitable life - both professionally and personally. Of course, for that a deeper understanding of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism fundamentals is quitessential.

Now, the confusion begins, as almost every education institution proclaims to offer the best education facilities with guaranteed placement. But, when the turn comes the results are usually shocking.

Avantika University, India's first design centered university provides specialization in electronics and communication engineering with a focus on making students learn the design and application of circuits and equipment of machine control, power generation, distribution, and communication. An MIT Pune campus at Ujjain, Avantika University offers a four-year UG Engineering Program that covers tracks like electronic systems, embedded systems, micro electronics, wired communication, wireless communication, etc.

Moreover, this unique program from Avantika University also provide learnings of numerous sub-disciplines such as power, control, electronics, signal processing, telecommunications, computers and many others. The program is an amalgamation of technology and design, which has been developed by the professionals and focuses on promoting positive cultural, social, economic, and technological changes in the society. So don't wait long, enrol yourself for electronics and communication engineering course and ensure a lucrative career today.