Design your way to the future!

The world around us is driven by design. Everything that we see and experience is an extension of some or the other design. Design, along with beautifying a certain product, also plays a vital role in maximizing its functionality. It wont be an exaggeration to say that design is the truest evidence of human evolution. In an era of extreme consumerism, a products worth is often directly proportional to its functionality as well as its appearance. A design professional must know how to enhance both, aesthetics as well as functionality. This highlights the growing need in the near future for young professionals who are not only talented, but are also highly trained.

At Avantika University, the focus is on creating an army of such young professionals and to equip them with the spirit of Design Thinking. Integration of Design Thinking in the overall methodology is what separates Avantika University from the rest. It forms an ecosystem that fosters Ideation, Integration, Implementation and Incubation among the young minds. These young minds are thus urged to practice the diverse skills that they acquire during their studies. They are trained to deliver quality in reduced time with added value. The demand of being a Specialist-Generalist is increasing in a world that is super connected.

At Avantika University, Design and Engineering courses are spread over in four stages Foundation, Core, Professional Tracks and Integrated Projects. These stages ensure maximum exposure along with a sense of holistic learning. Students have the freedom of designing their own specializations by combining various programs. The double helix of Avantika is intertwining of Engineering and Design students through common courses such as History of Man Made World, collaborative projects such as the Foundation Project that aims at bringing all their learning of one year together. Along with a chosen specialization, the students at Avantika University can also select a supporting minor course. This certainly adds value by integrating two different areas of learning and broadening the scopes of livelihood. The educational model at Avantika University is a seamless combination of knowledge gained in Foundation, Core, and Professional programs, along with the Industrial experience.

All learners are exposed to Economics for Creatives, Project Management, and Entrepreneurship. In addition, they can either opt for an internship with an industry/ organization or go for an exchange program with an international/ national institute. Learning by Doing- the core value of the Avantika education model manifests in future innovators who are geared to deliver as collective for the collective to bring in better societal equity and serve the integrated industries of the future.

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