Academic Partners - Global Universities

Aalto University, Finland was established in 2010 to foster multi-disciplinary education and research by way of blending the scientific, business, and arts faculties. The university has been identified as one of world's 55 technology challenger universities in an analysis by Times Higher Education (THE) and is also ranked 9th in the field of art and design as per QS World University Rankings 2018. Aalto believes in outside the box thinking, has innovation at the core of their strategy, bears strong industry links, and invests in research that excels in technological areas.

The Aalto University Design Factory focuses on creating an ideal physical and mental working environment for product developers and researchers and enable fruitful interaction between students, researchers, and professionals. Design Factory is centered on lending key support to spark innovation. It aims to gather students and business practitioners along with their research to create a new learning culture and opportunities for continuous experimentation. The Design Factory Global Network (DFGN) has a transcontinental presence in Santiago, Shanghai, Helsinki, Melbourne, Geneva, Seoul, Riga, Philadelphia, Porto, and Leeuwarden.

The Design Factory at Avantika University, Ujjain will mark the network's first center in India, and thereby South Asia. This collaboration will present hands-on learning experiences for students via a series of real life challenges and industry projects on a global scale - an unprecedented first for students in India. Research students will have opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary research experiments with industry partners and experts from across the globe. Avantika will work in close collaboration with Aalto University's DFGN to collaborate effectively across cultures, and organizational boundaries that are fostering radical innovations.

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, consistently ranked among the world's top universities, is Israel's first university. The university, founded in 1912, has been Israel's largest comprehensive academic center for science and technology education, and applied research. In addition, it is one of only a handful of technology institutes in the world, with an affiliated medical school. Technion is a pioneer in fields of computer science, industrial design, nanotechnology, energy, space science, and biotechnology. The university is a thriving center of research and teaching, with over 12,000 students and 80 academic programs, and counts 3 nobel laureates amongst its community. Albert Einstein visited Technion in 1923, and during his visit, he planted a now-famous first palm tree. Avantika has an MoU with The Technion for student exchange, faculty exchange, and collaborative research.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, founded in 1918 and opened officially in 1925, is Israel's premier university as well as the leading research institution. The university is ranked among the 100 leading universities in the world, and is among the top winners of the European Research Council's grants. The university has to its credit, 8 Nobel laureates and 1 Fields Medal winner in Mathematics. The university has been a leader in areas of sustainability, agriculture, environment, and public health. Avantika has an MoU with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, for student and faculty exchange, joint research, joint conferences and exchange of research material.

BRNO University of Technology (BUT) is Czech Republic's largest technical university, established in 1899. The university currently offers programs in technical, natural, scientific, economic, and artistic disciplines, to more than 23,000 students. The research at university is focused on control technology and robotics, biomedical engineering, power electronics, microelectronics, and tele-informatics. BUT has been featured among the world's best universities according to international rankings. Avantika has a formal agreement with BUT in creating joint educational programs, exchange educational experience, joint research projects and research programs, and student and faculty exchanges.

Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Czech Academy of Sciences (ISI CAS) is a public research institution, established in 1957 at Brno, Czech Republic. The objective of the institute is to perform scientific research, contribute to the utilization of its research, and provide research infrastructure. The core areas of research include magnetic resonance, lasers, bio-signal processing, design of scientific instruments, and special technologies. Avantika University has made a formal agreement with ISI CAS to establish laboratory facilities for design and engineering programs, establish joint research projects and programs, and to facilitate student and faculty exchange.

National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (NAS RA) is the highest state scientific organization which, unites NAS Members and scientific staff of affiliated scientific and research institutions. The Academy promotes and carries out fundamental and applied research in different scientific fields, as well as coordinates research carried out throughout Armenia. The collaboration between Avantika University and NAS RA is to expand scholarly ties by means of faculty exchange program, student exchange program and co-operative research projects to facilitate academic cooperation and research, and promote international and inter-cultural understanding.