Learning experiences from Mathworks Curriculum Conference

June 2016

Team Avantika participated in the Mathworks Curriculum Conference recently. An invite-based conference, this event featured 60 professors chosen from around the world. The conference featured multiple sessions across a broad range of topics and applications. It offered a great opportunity for product experts to showcase best practices for the attendees, and get a first-hand experience to discover newer industry trends.

Dr. Prasheel Surawanshi, Project Director, and Professor Sanjay Jain, Director - Design Education from Avantika University were invited to be a part of this daylong conference organized at Boston, USA. The sessions provided them with a first-hand experience of the latest innovations, and the practical application of MATLAB (a mathematical computing software), Simulink (for Simulation and Model-Based Design), and ThingSpeak (in connection with Internet of Things).

Based on the phenomenal experience, Team Avantika is keen to collaborate and associate with DesignLab for jointly hosting a session in India. Additionally, the Team is also exploring optimal options to organize hardware workshops and digital prototyping for their future workshops.