Developing a real-life problem solving acumen

June 2016

Mentoring through engineering innovation

In order to understand and develop an education model that will create real-time impact on the society on a real-time basis, Team Avantika connected with Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) at Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), Boston, USA.

CIC is an American real estate services company which offers support for budding entrepreneurs and startups with access to office amenities. It was founded in 1999 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduates Timothy Rowe and Andrew Olmsted. FabLab@CIC is a digital fabrication lab for prototyping innovative solutions and developing creative designs.

As part of the visit, Team Avantika was engaged in learning and exploring parallel synergies from FabLab to translate the knowledge into Avantika’s education model, with live projects that can make real-time impact.

The FabLab team has had success in the past with active projects in different parts of India. At this stage, they are keen to partner with Avantika University for more India-specific projects, where students will get practical opportunities and contribute to projects that make a significant difference in human lives.