Print Making Workshop

October 2017

A workshop on Print Making using Transfer Techniques was conducted on 5th October 2017 for M. Des students.

The workshop covered print making techniques using transfer relief from rubber mats and glass painting. The intention was to create expressions through intervention and exploration.

It also intended to abolish fear from the students’ mind to use various tools and materials and inculcate ‘’Joy of Creation’’ early on in their learning cycle to boost their creative confidence and develop collaborative work ethics.

The students created expressions on the rubber pads using carving tools and learnt techniques of transferring them on paper using printing inks and rollers.

They also used painting and mixing colours on glass and transferred the creations on to paper to create paintings.

Interesting and evocative prints were the tangible outcomes of the workshop.

Learning hands-on skills, experiencing ‘'Joy of Creation’’ and developing creative confidence were the major intangible outcomes of this workshop.