Avantika Students’ Orientation Program 2017

September 2017

The Orientation Program for the first batch of Avantika University was conducted between 11th September 2017 and 16th September 2017.

Students arrived on 9th September and occupied their respective rooms in the Hotels. Students were in the campus for two days before Orientation. The purpose was to allow them to settle in the new environment and make them feel at home.

Day 1 | 11th September 2017

The program started with a welcome speech by Registrar Dr. Manesh Patil, followed by a formal introduction of University authorities and faculty members. Director, Dr. Prasheel Suryawanshi highlighted the legacy of MAEER in Education and Research. He also briefly revisited the journey of Avantika and explained the motivation and philosophy of the University.

Vice Chancellor and Dean – School of Engineering, Dr. Vladimir Kulish spoke about Avantika at length, emphasizing on the uniqueness of the academic model devised by the University.

Dean – School of Design, Sanjay Jain elaborated on design based education and Kuntal De – Co-coordinator Foundation Program spoke about the foundation program and purpose of orientation program. 

Second half of the day began with student-mentor interactions. All students were assigned one of the faculties as a mentor. This interaction aimed to understand the students and know their likes and dislikes.

Day 1 ended with a beautiful performance by Ms. Mona Shewade, a renowned artist from Indore.

Day 2 and Day 4 | 12th and 14th September 2017

As students were new to the University and its surrounding areas, two days of the Orientation was dedicated to exploratory tours. Students visited Indore and Ujjain in groups. The groups were accompanied by respective mentors. The purpose of these visits was to study the culture and survive in cities other than their hometowns. Students were given specific tasks and directed to explore the cities on their own.

Day 3 | 13th September 2017

A workshop on Calligraphy was organized on Day 3. Mr. Achyut Palav, a renowned calligrapher from Mumbai conducted the workshop. He elaborated on the art of words, and demonstrated a few beautiful examples of his own work. He also conducted a practice session for students where they learned the way of expressing words.

Day 5 | 15th September 2017

The Chancellor of Avantika University, Dr. Sanjay Dhande guided the first batch. Starting with India’s famous engineer and artist Sir M. Visvesvaraya, a number of renowned designers were introduced to students. He focused on many prominent issues like how to be a creative mind, what makes an Avantika student, what the future holds for them, and outreach strategy of Avantika.

The discussion topic ‘Design Centered Education - What, Why, and How?’ was jointly addressed by the Deans, Coordinator – Foundation Program, and Chancellor.

Introduction to various clubs like Art Circle, Film Appreciation, Robotics was done by respective club coordinators. Students presented their learnings during exploratory tours on 12th and 14th September 2017. The day ended with cultural program of Classical dance performance by Padma Shri Dr. Suchitra Harmalkar from Kartik Kala Academy Indore.

Day 6 | 16th September 2017

On the last day of Orientation, registration formalities and document verification of students was conducted. The last day was dedicated to make them aware about the University’s facilities and services including Medical Assistance, Banking, ICT, Academic and other facilities. Students were also given a live demonstration on Fire and Safety Training.