Campaigning for creative collaboration opportunities

June 2016

Campaigning for creative collaboration opportunities

With the objective of reaching far out and wide in the quest for exploring mutual collaboration opportunities, Team Avantika had a series of collaborative dialogues recently with Fellows from University of Arts, London. The discussions focused on exploring potential academic association and mentorship opportunities for the unique education model of Avantika University.

The University of Arts, London is one of the top 5 universities in the world for art and design. It is one of the largest universities from Europe to offer specialized programs in art, design and performing arts.

As part of the comprehensive 2-day meet, Team Avantika interacted with senior personnel from a variety of disciplines from the prestigious institution. Avantika University received much appreciation across the board for their disruptive approach. The University of Arts offered a strong desire to associate with required help and support for the Foundation Program of Avantika University on the units of art and design.

Campaigning for creative collaboration opportunities

Prof. Jain connected with Mr. Ross Anderson, Acting Director, University of Arts, London to present Avantika way of bringing shift to modern education in India.

Ms. Tessa Read – Head, Employability and Career Progression, Central Saint Martins, University of Arts (extreme right) found Avantika’s academic model to be fully sustainable and appreciated its focus on problem-solving.

Additionally, the current and fellow staff shared a deeper interest to work with Avantika University as academic associates, faculty trainers, and mentors and collaborate on designing the interactive space.