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Launch | Social Design Lab – ABLED | 26th Oct’18

26th October 2018 was the first gigantic step towards empowering our students and faculties with a platform to contribute to the growth and development of the specially-abled citizens of India. The launch of Social Design Lab – ABLED, is a huge leap for the betterment of the society at large. The Lab opened in collaboration with Dominix Design Studio, Pune, aims at conducting research, and develop innovative, customized solutions for the specially-abled individuals in rural and urban areas and enable these people to go about their personal and professional lives without any hassle.

The Chief Guest for the day, Sudhir Bhai Goyal, Founder of Sewadham Ashram along with the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Prasheel Suryawanshi and the Founders of Dominix Design Studio, Dhruva Paknikar and Pankaj Jadhav, inaugurated the lab with great enthuse and conviction, that the unique Design-Technology lab would be both, a learning experience for students and a platform that would create customised solutions to help the specially-abled people in their daily chores. Students from Avantika University will be working alongside eminent faculties and global designers to curate these solutions and contribute as enlightened citizens of India.

Motivational Talks | Mahendra Joshi | 13th Oct’18

In the recent SparkTalks, Mahendra Joshi enthralled all the students by his words of wisdom. From time management to handling stress and becoming the best of oneself, his words really helped the students look at the world with a different lens. Mahendra Joshi is motivational speaker with a track record of being the best in his forte since last 22 years. The founder of the organization, ‘Beyond Imagination’, his passion for helping people maximize their latent potential is unwavering. The very indulgent session was a mix of confab and mind warm-up activities which, opened new channels for thoughts uncalled for by the students. The session motivated the young learners to always to be open to change and keep on modifying their skills to keep pace with the changing times and also covered pointers on how to maintain the ascent in their career. The session encapsulated all the do’s and don’ts for maintaining a healthy balance in life.

Workshop | Designing Emotions with Viljami Lyytikäinen from Aalto University | 27th Sept'18

In the recent SparkTalks, Avantika University hosted Mr. Viljami Lyytikäinen from Design Factory Global Network of Aalto University Finland. Viljami, a graduate of Aalto University, works for its DFGN, a network of 24 innovation platforms in universities and research organizations situated in five continents of the world, developing the network and its activities. Design Factory Global Network is on a mission to create change in the world of learning and research through passion-based culture and effective problem solving. The session which revolved around ‘Designing emotions’ enlightened students on the importance of emotions while designing any product and how this approach helps design in a human- centric manner. He showcased videos of products developed at Aalto University to illustrate the approach in which products should be designed and conducted a very engaging activity to make the students understand how emotions can put life to any product. Post all the brain-storming ideas, he reviewed the year-long work of the students and gave them suggestions on how they can improve and design products in an effective way. All in all the session helped the student find a new horizon in their pursuit of being the future Designers.

Industry Visit | Batik Printing Workshop | 23rd Sept’18

The work of motifs and prints itself is a completely different world and the industrial visit to Bherugarh’s Batik Prints and Block Handprint workshop on 23rd September 2018 was a peek into it. The Batik print is an age-old craft of wax-resist dyeing and printing which is believed to have been practiced in the countries like Egypt, Japan, and India for over 2000 years. The local craftsmen gave the students an overview of how the entire process of Batik print is carried out by the extremely skilled artisans and the importance of every minute detail in the process. The hand made designs and the precision which was used absolutely mesmerized all the students. Just after a small demonstration, some of the students got into the shoes of the native people and tried their hands at block printing and coloring of fabric. The visit ended with everybody purchasing cloth material from the enormous range which was put on display. The visit helped the students get a peek into the ancient art form and its resistance throughout the ages.

Session | Work Management Lessons by T.N. Hari | 22nd Sept'18

Saturday, 22nd September 2018, Avantika University was graced by the presence of Mr. T.N. Hari, the Head of HR at BigBasket. An alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta, he is an author, mentor and a strategic advisor to multiple companies with more than 30 years of experience in diverse management roles. Mr. Hari's session was distinctive; he conversed about time management, leadership skills, priority management and shared his vivid experience and success mantra with the students. They discussed at length about life, the smallest of things that build the right attitude for a constructive career, start-ups and how the young learners can embrace the budding entrepreneurs in them. The session was truly illuminating and taught the students the importance of being down-to-earth yet progressive at the same time.

Launch | Reap Benefit Fellowship Program | 15th Sept’18

As part of the iConnect initiatives of Avantika University, the fellowship program with Reap Benefit had its commencement on 15th September 2018 with Mr. Kuldeep Dantewadia and his team giving orientation to the students about the upcoming activities of the 10-months long program. Reap Benefit had its name marked in the Top-5 start-ups in ‘Stand-up Start-up’ 2016 and works aggressively to tackle local environmental and civic problems with its effective and low-cost solutions. The first day encompassed a workshop on trigger-mapping, where the students worked on the basic principles and designed solutions which would be implemented in real-time in coming future. The program marked the start of the journey where students start to groom themselves as problem-solvers and work rigorously on their critical-thinking skills.

Session | Sasti Baat with Mehek Malhotra | 14th Sept’18

In the recent SparkTalks session on 14th September 2018, the students of Avantika University got a chance to behold the sparkling story of Mehek Malhotra. She started her ride with the National Institute of Fashion Technology receiving the ‘Best Graduation Award’ and currently owns a studio in Mumbai by the name of ‘Giggling Monkey Studio’. Being an Indian visual artist and a master in her forte, she has worked with Hindustan Unilever, Quantum Consumer Solutions, Pantaloons, The BarCat and Coffee by Di Bella to name a few. She spoke about art and perspective, illustrating her experience with various Corporates and MNC’s, she reiterated the importance of being diverse professionally and talked at length about colour, patterns and textures and how one can create effective and visually appealing creatives. She also indulged the students in a mid-night sketching session and carried out a mind-blasting activity to unleash their latent skills. Her charisma and experience at such a young age was a trigger to all the students and spiked their passion for the field of Design even more.

Session | Importance of Right and Effective Communication - Pankaj Kothari | 7th Sept’18

Friday, 7th September 2018 came with a glistening opportunity for the students at Avantika. Mr. Pankaj Kothari, an esteemed behavioural skills trainer, author, consultant and life guru came to inculcate and demonstrate the importance of effective communication. He has been training students as well as corporate personnel for the last thirty-one years. The director of Impact Educare and Training and a 6-year old member of the Toastmasters Club, his session covered all the ‘mains’ about effective and conscious communication. The session outlined the minutest of elements of communication from phonation to the comprehensible speed of speech and how one shall practice consciousness while speaking to make it more meaningful and unequivocal. All the students walked out of the class with a different perspective of communication, highly entertained and enlightened.

Session | A Peep into Metal and Stone Art with Wajid Khan | 31st Aug’18

The noon of 31st August, 2018 was full of exhilaration since the guest this day was Mr. Wajid khan. An Indian artist, portraitist, sculptor, inventor and patent holder who has been recognized for his outstanding work in Nail Art and has his name penned in The Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. He is one of the most prominent artists in the field of creating sculptures through nail art in India and is a guiding light for the students who want to pursue their dreams and passion in creative arts. He briefed the students about the various aspects of Metal and Stone Art and executed a brain-storming session on how to generate ideas through brain-mapping. After these mind-engaging activities, he also provided his critique on the various projects of the students and told them ways of how they may enhance their perspective while prototyping. As a token of thanksgiving, the students made various installations such as his engraved portrait on a tile, paintings and live-sketched canvas as a souvenir for his valued contribution to their lives.

Industry Visit | Tata International Limited | 24th Aug’18

IMR is a platform for our learners to step out of the campus and learn by observation in a real world environment. So, the visit this time was to TATA International Limited in Dewas, which is a leather-based manufacturing and distribution member of the reputed business conglomerate the Tata group on 24th August, 2018. The students delved into the manufacturing plant and left no stone unturned. They were enlightened about how leather products are manufactured, from the process of acquiring the skin to the procedure of pre-tanning, tanning and post-tanning. By experiencing the manufacturing process upfront, they also understood the challenges and limitations of designing leather products. This helped them gain insight on how to visualize in a real-world situation and fill these gaps. They also understood how ethics played a very important role in converting any business into a brand. The students were astonished to see the high standards being followed in the campany’s practices and the level of cleanliness in the whole facility. This visit in its full, was a very enriching experience and helped the young learners get acquainted with the inner perspective of the industries.

Workshop | Latest Trends in Technology and IOT World | 18th Aug’18

At Avantika, we believe in keeping our students up-to-date with the latest technological trends. A workshop on Saturday, 18th August 2018, was organized to update the students with latest technologies and coding languages. Mr. Pramod Chandrayan, Mr. Mayank Sharma, Mr. Praveen Mandpe and Dr. Subodh Shrivastava, all technology experts with more than 15 years of Industry experience, were present at Avantika University campus engaging the students in a very stimulating workshop on ‘AngularJS’ and ‘MEAN stack’. They delivered a session outlining the need of keeping oneself updated with the upcoming trends in technology and the IOT world. They also shared the perspective of the Industry in terms of skilled manpower. The students got hands-on experience in both languages, built their foundation by degrees through detailed practice sessions. It was truly an enthralling experience for the future Designeers.

Orientation Program | CII YUVA | 18th Aug’18

On 18th August, 2018, CII YUVA Orientation program was organized at Avantika University campus. At Avantika, we believe in all round development of the students by organizing various activities throughout the year so that the students get the right exposure, just in time and not just in case. For this orientation, we had with us the Leadership team of CII Yuva, Indore chapter, Mr. Shankey Bansal and Ms. Pooja Bansal. They spoke about their vision to influence, inspire and motivate millions of students across India that are the pillars of our nation’s progression. They started YUVA platform through which they envision to connect the students to the various industrial communities, corporate CEO’s and country at large working towards a movement of nation building. The students were more than delighted to be served with the opportunity to get the much needed exposure of the Industry where they wish to see themselves in the coming years. It will help them connect with the students’ community nationally and grow exponentially in all walks of life.

Workshop | Problem-solving and Trigger-mapping - Reap Benefit | 17th Aug’18

In the recent SparkTalks on Friday, 17th August 2018, we had with us the team from Reap Benefit, The Founder, Mr. Kuldeep Dantewadia and President-Operations and Business, Mr. Shashi Shekhar at Avantika University campus. Reap Benefit was one of the top five start-ups in ‘Stand-up Start-ups’ 2016 and is indulged in solving local environmental and civic problems concerning waste, water, energy and sanitation through low-cost solutions and have so far indulged in 500 hours of public problem-solving. The Reap Benefit’s team started with throwing light on various such problems that need immediate action. The motive was to encounter the students with real-life challenges and awaken the socially responsible citizen within them. Their talks laid much emphasis on the techniques of problem-solving, trigger mapping, empathizing and how to make the most out of constrained situations. The students came up with interesting solutions and the entire session was very thought-provoking. Such activities happen throughout the year at Avantika University because our aim is not just to produce graduates but socially concerned individuals who will work for the betterment of the society at large and come out to be excellent communicators and problem-solvers.

Workshop | A Dive into Spatial and Experience Design with Alpa Jain | 10th Aug’18

Customer is God, not just for Retailers but also for Designers

As part of the iConnect activity Organized by the Industrial Relations team, on Friday, 10th August 2018, we had with us Ms. Alpa Jain, an enthusiast Architect and Designer with vast experience in Retail and Space Design, for an activity based workshop on “Customer is God, not just for retailers but also for designers”. The workshop opened with a very interesting interaction outlining the various aspects of consumer behaviour and the mapping of consumer journey for making design Human-centric.

The workshop conducted by her made the students dive deep into the pool of space and experience Design and gave them hands-on insight of the industry. The workshop revolved around the Design process, Problem- solving, Design Thinking and Innovation with the user as the key stakeholder. She reiterated on the importance of consumer needs, qualitative exercise such as surveys, psychological analysis and the essence of process in Designing. Providing insight of the demand in industry, she stressed on the importance of Engineers and Designers coming together for creating user-centric solutions.

The students enjoyed immensely throughout the brainstorming workshop, presented their ideas and will surely apply her teachings in their various projects at Avantika and beyond.

Session | A Peep into Design Perspective in Filmmaking and Marketing with Prathamesh Krisang | 3rd Aug’18

As part of the iConnect activities of the Industry Relations team, on Friday, 3rd August 2018, we had with us an Award-winning film-maker, growth marketer and entrepreneur, Mr. Prathamesh Krisang for SparkTalks. This session was organized so that the students could get a peep into the ‘Design perspective used in film- making and marketing’. He opened the session with the screening of his self-directed short-film, ‘One Last Question’ which highlights the struggle of people of Assam during the secessionist movement of 1988. Being a growth marketer and a passionate story-teller, he explained how he helps organizations in effectively strategising their brand story through videos and creative content and how design thinking helped him get the right perspective in all his initiatives. He stressed on the importance of being heuristic, accepting failure and hard-ship as the life’s coach, qualitative and quantitative analysis as key aspects of Design process. He emphasized a lot on the journey of learning rather than the end result and also highlighted the essence of strategising ideas. To sum it all up, he left sparks in the mind of all students to kindle their curiosity into something big.

Session | Understanding Innovation and User-Centricity with Samrat Nawale | 26th May’18

On 26 May 2018, Mr. Samrat Nawale conducted and exciting session at Avantika University. With more than 17 years of experience in human-centered design, Mr. Samrat is a Senior Design Manager at Samsung. He aims at driving a design centric approach in fast paced, technology heavy environments. During the edifying session, Mr. Samrat stressed on the difference between invention vs innovation and the importance of user-centricity in product design. He advised the students to do best at whatever they take up and lay emphasis on design principles and fundamentals. Through a learning activity called the ‘Design Sprint’, he encouraged diverse individuals and teams to work together and come up with an innovation. The session was exceptionally relevant and students connected with the speaker at a good wavelength.

Work Assessment | Portfolio Day by IndieFolio | 10th May’18

On 10-11 May 2018, team ‘IndieFolio’ conducted ‘Portfolio Day’ at Avantika University. Through the super interesting initiative, the design mentors at IndieFolio aim to motivate the students to learn by doing and get mentorship from industry professionals. The two days of the event were highly enriching with review and analysis of M. Des portfolios on day one, and exclusive interaction with the mentors, Design Challenge and panel discussion on day two. IndieFolio, a squad of industry experts, gave a new dimension to learning and added enormous value to the students’ experiences.

Session | Understanding Brand Ideation and Branding Strategy with Poornima Burte

In the recent SparkTalks session on Friday, students from Avantika University got the chance to hear the sparkling success story of Ms. Poornima Burte. She started her flight with National Institute of Design, and went on to work with illustrious brands such as Fevicol and Coca Cola, and presently runs her own venture ‘Design Orb’ that perfectly blends branding and strategic thinking. She explained to the students the branding ideation process, brand identity building, and presented case studies of reputed brands and noteworthy campaigns. Her particular mention of the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation project and the Coke Studio Season 3 campaign were exceptionally fascinating for the listeners. Through the enlivening interaction, Ms. Burte provided a holistic understanding to the students of how branding and design work and further emphasized their real-life applications.

Industrial Visit | Eicher Volvo | 5th May’18

On 5 May 2018, students from Avantika were privileged to experience the culmination of Volvo Group's global processes and excellent technology and Eicher's futuristic engineering and deep knowledge of markets. Students visited the manufacturing facility of Eicher trucks and buses in the industrial town of Pithampur, near Indore. The facility is well equipped with Product Development and Designing, and Research and Development centres. The manufacturing experts at the facility familiarized the students with the assembly line of trucks and heavy vehicles. Under the mentorship of Prof. Ambar Bajpai and Prof. Gautam Karve, the students were also fortunate to get an insight into the bright future of trucking technology.

Workshop | Finding and Evaluating Business ideas with Rohit Lalwani | 6th Apr’18

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people - Eleanor Roosevelt

To encourage great ideas and to instigate the young minds to think beyond the obvious, a session on ‘How to find and evaluate a business idea’ was organized at Avantika on 6 April. Continuing the exciting journey of industry interactions and exposure, in-house faculty and industry relations head, Mr. Rohit Lalwani conducted the thought-provoking workshop. Rohit regularly conducts such interesting sessions at various institutes including the titans such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Bombay and many more. The workshop aimed at imparting knowledge to the students on ways to identify business ideas and evaluating their potential for sustainability and profitability. The practical workshop was successful in eliciting pioneering ideas and encouraging innovation.

Workshop | Building Effective Global Communication Skills with Mo Riddiford and Ruth Tribhuvan | 17th Jan’18

A workshop on Building Effective Global Communication Skills was conducted by acclaimed communication specialist and motivational speaker, Mr. Mo Riddiford on 17th January, 2018 on campus. The workshop covered insightful discussions on identifying the students’ limiting beliefs regarding communication, implementing effective communication, finding the words, phrases and most importantly attitudes to regain voice and confidence in a conversation, and thinking systematically during communication. Mr. Riddiford, assisted by Ms. Ruth Tribhuvan also explored the cultural barriers and difficulties faced by non-native English speakers, and came up with appropriate solutions to get past the same. Mo Riddiford hails from New Zealand, and is a communication consultant, coach, university teacher, author, activist, motivational speaker and meditator. He is the creator of the BE-in-English System, including the ground-breaking Communication Trust-Power, and the inventor of the TISL Game, for reading the language of a person's mind. He has co-authored the Amazon bestseller, ‘Upping the Down Side’. He was assisted on the workshop by Ruth Tribhuvan, a specialist in Communication Trust-Power, expert in intercultural communication and an experienced Enterprise Software (SAP) professional.

Session | A Peep into Entrepreneurship with Praveen Singhal and Neha Fatechandani | 22nd Dec’17

Mr. Parveen Singhal, COO & CCO of Wittyfeed.com and Ms. Neha Fatechandani, CLO, Snowball conducted a Knowledge Transfer session with our students on 22nd December, 2017. The session was centered on exploring new avenues in entrepreneurship and converting students’ passions into lucrative careers. The interaction was curated by our Head of Industrial Relations, Mr. Rohit Lalwani.