Communication Design

Communication Design is an integrated program across different media which transcends visual expression and builds sensorial experiences. It creates new channels of communication and interfaces to address untapped needs for a positive change. It brings an intangible brand association and explores new ways of growing and creating sustainable businesses. Learners will be able to connect people with spaces and environment through narratives and visuals.


  • Graphic and Visual Design

Academic Program

  • +-

    Semester 1

    History of Technology and Design050 Hrs2 Credits

    Science of Nature075 Hrs3 Credits

    Critical and Creative Thinking075 Hrs3 Credits

    Designer's Toolbox100 Hrs4 Credits

    Creative Visualization - 1150 Hrs6 Credits

    Image and Language050 Hrs2 Credits

    Face a Book050 Hrs1 Credit

    Total550 Hrs21 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 2

    Body and Mind075 Hrs3 Credits

    Mathematics in Nature075 Hrs3 Credits

    Model Making100 Hrs4 Credits

    Individual, Society and Environment050 Hrs2 Credits

    Programming050 Hrs2 Credits

    Creative Visualization - 2100 Hrs4 Credits

    Digital Tools for Designers050 Hrs2 Credits

    Live your Passion050 Hrs1 Credit

    Total550 Hrs21 Credits

  • +-

    Summer 1

    Social Immersion6 Weeks3 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 3

    Introduction to Industrial Design050 Hrs2 Credits

    Introduction to Communication Design050 Hrs2 Credits

    Introduction to User Experience Design050 Hrs2 Credits

    Ergonomics100 Hrs4 Credits

    Entrepreneurship - 1050 Hrs2 Credits

    Design Methodology100 Hrs4 Credits

    Collaborative Project100 Hrs4 Credits

    Face a Book050 Hrs1 Credit

    Total550 Hrs21 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 4

    Typography075 Hrs3 Credits

    Digital Media Applications075 Hrs3 Credits

    Digital Image Making075 Hrs3 Credits

    Information Visualization075 Hrs3 Credits

    Packaging Design050 Hrs2 Credits

    Design Project - 1150 Hrs6 Credits

    Live your Passion050 Hrs1 Credit

    Total550 Hrs21 Credits

  • +-

    Summer 2

    National Immersion8 Weeks4 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 5

    Visual Ergonomics050 Hrs2 Credits

    Reproduction Technologies100 Hrs4 Credits

    School Elective - 1050 Hrs2 Credits

    Design Project 2: Redesign100 Hrs4 Credits

    Design Project 3: Technically Simple Design150 Hrs6 Credits

    Total450 Hrs18 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 6

    Emergent and Emerging Technologies100 Hrs4 Credits

    Elective - 2050 Hrs2 Credits

    Elective - 3050 Hrs2 Credits

    Entrepreneurship - 2050 Hrs2 Credits

    Design Project 4: Technically Complex Design100 Hrs4 Credits

    Design Project 5: Inventive Design150 Hrs6 Credits

    Total500 Hrs20 Credits

  • +-

    Summer 3

    Global Immersion12 Weeks6 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 7

    Free Elective - 1075 Hrs3 Credits

    Free Elective - 2075 Hrs3 Credits

    Systems Thinking050 Hrs2 Credits

    Design Project 6200 Hrs8 Credits

    Total400 Hrs16 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 8

    Entrepreneurship - 3100 Hrs4 Credits

    Free Elective - 3100 Hrs4 Credits

    Capstone Project400 Hrs16 Credits

    Total600 Hrs24 Credits