Refund Policy

Avantika University will cancel an Admission only if the student fails to meet the Entry Requirements and their complete fees will be refunded within 15 days of cancellation.

A student opting to withdraw his/her admission will be entitled to the refund of fees as detailed below:

Sr. No. Refund of Fees paid Point of time when notice of withdrawal is served
1 90% Within 15 days after fee payment
2 80% Within 21 days after fee payment
3 70 % Within 30 days after fee payment
4 50 % Post 30 days after fee payment
5 0 % After 13th July 2019

  • Fees shall be refunded to the student within fifteen days from the date of receiving a written application from him/her towards cancellation of admission.
  • All legal disputes if any will be in the Ujjain Jurisdiction only.