Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most popular disciplines that provides opportunities in design and development of devices and systems. The students apply principles of motion, energy, and force – ensuring that the design functions safe, efficient, and reliable The mechanical engineering aspirants at Avantika, will combine creative and analytical skills to craft an idea into reality. The inter-disciplinary and collaborative curriculum entails enormous opportunities while strengthening their analytical and problem-solving skills.


  • Mechatronics and Robotics


    Academic Program

    • +-

      Semester 1

      History of Technology and Design050 Hrs2 Credits

      Science of Nature075 Hrs3 Credits

      Critical and Creative Thinking075 Hrs3 Credits

      Designer's Toolbox100 Hrs4 Credits

      Engineering Mathematics100 Hrs4 Credits

      Engineering Physics100 Hrs4 Credits

      Face a Book050 Hrs1 Credit

      Total550 Hrs21 Credits

    • +-

      Semester 2

      Body and Mind075 Hrs3 Credits

      Mathematics in Nature075 Hrs3 Credits

      Model Making100 Hrs4 Credits

      Individual, Society and Environment050 Hrs2 Credits

      Programming050 Hrs2 Credits

      Principles of Design100 Hrs4 Credits

      Biology for Engineers Joy of Electronics050 Hrs2 Credits

      Introduction to Disciplines050 Hrs1 Credit

      Total550 Hrs21 Credits

    • +-

      Summer 1

      Immersion6 WeeksAudit

    • +-

      Semester 3

      World of Design075 Hrs3 Credits

      Joy of Electronics075 Hrs3 Credits

      Engineering Computing100 Hrs4 Credits

      Entrepreneurship - 1050 Hrs2 Credits

      Design Methodology100 Hrs4 Credits

      Collaborative Project100 Hrs4 Credits

      Face a Book050 Hrs1 Credit

      Total550 Hrs21 Credits