Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science is an interesting discipline with advanced opportunities in diverse sectors for designing and developing smart solutions. The students apply the principles of engineering, computer architecture, software engineering and signal processing to understand and synthesize such systems. The engineering aspirants will combine creative and analytical skills to craft an idea into reality. The progressive curriculum imbibes problem-solving as the core, to meet the current and future needs of the technology knowledge era.


  • Data Science and Analytics

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Academic Program

    • +-

      Semester 1

      History of Technology and Design2 Credits

      Science of Nature3 Credits

      Critical and Creative Thinking3 Credits

      Designers' Toolbox4 Credits

      Engineering Mathematics4 Credits

      Engineering Physics4 Credits

      Face a Book

    • +-

      Semester 2

      Individual, Society and Environment2 Credits

      Mathematics in Nature2 Credits

      Model Making4 Credits

      Design Methodology2 Credits

      Programming3 Credits

      Joy of Electronics3 Credits

      Principles of Engineering4 Credits

    • +-

      Semester 3

      Engineering Computing4 Credits

      Object-Oriented Programming4 Credits

      Database Management System4 Credits

      Software Engineering2 Credits

      Design Methods - 22 Credits

      Design Project: Web Application4 Credits

    • +-

      Semester 4

      Discrete Mathematics3 Credits

      Data Structures3 Credits

      Algorithms4 Credits

      Computer Architecture2 Credits

      Introduction to UX Design4 Credits

      Design Project: Mobile Application4 Credits


    • +-

      Semester 5

      Computer Networks3 Credits

      Computer Graphics3 Credits

      Operating System2 Credits

      Elective - 12 Credits

      Design Project: Desktop4 Credits

      Design Project: IoT6 Credits

    • +-

      Semester 6

      Elective - 23 Credits

      Elective - 33 Credits

      Entrepreneurship - 14 Credits

      Design Project: Track based4 Credits

      Design Project: Track based6 Credits

    • +-


      Internship (12-Weeks)6 Credits

    • +-

      Semester 7

      Elective - 42 Credits

      Entrepreneurship - 24 Credits

      Design Project: System Design8 Credits

    • +-

      Semester 8

      Capstone Project20 Credits