Academic Model

Undergraduate Program

Postgraduate Program

Avantika will collaborate and innovate with industry partners (local and global), other academic institutions, organizations and with domain experts from fields of design, technology, business, society, culture, and arts.

Leading milestones of these programs are Foundation, Core, Professional Tracks and Integrated Experience


The learners go through a unique Foundation program common to above specialization. The program is designed to provide learners with Analytical, Social, Creative and individual development.

In this program, the learners develop skills to observe, analyze, critically think, reflect, work with hands, ideate, create, actively and more effectively communicate, engage with their physical and emotional self and find a purpose to their learning.


Core program develops fundamental and cognitive skills needed for the specialization. These skills differ for each specialization.

Professional Tracks

The Tracks are created to encourage collaboration and problem solving.

Each specialization consists of 4 tracks which are based on a context and a tangible/experiential output that can be achieved. Based on their learning and interest, the learners will design and execute two projects by translating their research and insights to create meaningful outcomes.

Integrated Experience

This is a seamless combination of the knowledge gained in Foundation, Core and Professional programs and the Industrial experience.

All Learners are exposed to Economics for creatives and Project Management and entrepreneurship. In addition, the learners can either opt for an internship with an industry/organization or go for an exchange program with an international/national institute. They can also opt for an additional professional track, pursue a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) or a self-exploratory course. The program will culminate in a cross-disciplinary immersive Capstone project that is demonstrated to the real world.